Company transaction

1. If buyer or seller is a company, the required documents are as follows

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Commercial registration + copy, owner’s passport + copy
  • Power of Attorney + copy (Sale Contract included) + passport copy of the

2. Attorney

  • Limited Liability (LLC), must always ask about names of owners (shareholders)
  • trade license + the page of partners and equities (original and copy)
  • Positions Certificate
  • Certificate of Incorporation (original and copy, translated to Arabic if needed)

3. Must mention the sale or else

  • Attendance of all owners
  • Decision of the board of directors signed by all licensed parties
  • Power of Attorney from all parties
  • If there is a manager (powers of the manager, related to sale, is verified

4. In the Certificate of Incorporation

​ If one of the parties is a minor, a letter from the court or the Public

  1. ​​ Authority for Minors Affairs must be obtained
  2. If the company is owned by another company which is also owned by
  3. another company, all previous documents must be presented for each of these companies
  4. If the property is in an area not authorized for foreigners, the company must be 100% owned by citizens
  5. If the company is in a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) country , the company must be 100% owned by citizens
  6. If the company is offshore
  7. If the company is not in the Emirate of Dubai, it must be registered in Jabal Ali Free Zone Area (JAFZA)
  8. Trade license
  9. Certificate of Incorporation (Translated to Arabic)
  10. Positions Certificate
  11. ​Certificate of good conduct
  12. In case of the company is owned by another company, An approval must be obtained from the Land Department and to present all documents of all companies
  13. In case the company is owned by individuals, a no objection letter must be obtained from JAFZA, and It doesn’t require the approval of the Land Department
  14. In case there is a Power of Attorney (PoA) from the seller, confirm:


A power of attorney of another is not acceptable, even if it was stated in the original. Both are registered as two independent sales without a NOC, and to be stated in the remark section

If the power of attorney is established for the buyer from the seller, and the property is to be registered in the buyer’s name (State the form of sale in his name in the paper)

To state the form of sale or transfer in real estate, properties or the funds that are not transferred in the power of attorney paper

The PoA is valid for two years only, and is renewed in Dubai courts

In case there is a PoA for the seller, the check must be in the name of the seller and not the attorney, or in the name of the bank if the property is mortgaged to the bank to terminate the mortgage

Confirm the existence of the PoA expiry date in the last page of the paper

Translated to Arabic and notarized by The U.A.E embassy in that country and from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs inside the U.A.E

The Power of Attorney of a minor (less than 21 years old) is not valid, instead, a NOC from Dubai courts or the Authority for Minors Affairs

Original Power of Attorney, in case the power is for land sale

  1. If the Power of Attorney is in both Arabic and English, the Arabic version is used